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Weightlifting's new milestone at Khel Vikas


Weightlifting's new milestone at Khel Vikas

The Centre of Excellence at Khel Vikas has provided children the perfect platform to develop their sport and enhance their career to higher levels.

A group of eight athletes had their first taste of the Centre of Excellence (CoE) on 1 September 2014 which will pave way for their holistic development. The dual effect of athletes realising their full potential, both professionally and personally, has put them onto a secure path of progressing towards their future endeavours.

The focus, along with their sporting excellence, is ensuring the personal development and grooming of Khel Vikas (KV) athletes to succeed in sport and beyond. Athletes will have the platform to succeed beyond sports, with English and computer skills provided to supplement their training.

These classes will have the advantage of athletes getting to know how to use computers and understand the language better. Assistance to athletes to apply for universities, scholarships and jobs will be provided. Learning English and computer skills will be an added benefit when they apply for the same.

KV’s main aim is to create more opportunities for athletes with the best education. The process of developing these athletes into role models for the future is a slow but a steady one. KV is hoping to reduce the barrier that athletes undergo after their competitive days and create a platform to pursue a career of their choice. The opportunity to train more athletes with a similar philosophy is what KV is striving to do.


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Vivek Ramanarayanan


Monday, September 15, 2014 - 23:00