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Welcome to the new version of the International Platform on Sport & Development!


Welcome to the new version of the International Platform on Sport & Development!

We are proud to present the new version of the International Platform on Sport & Development. After a massive overhaul in strategic direction, content and layout, we are pleased to welcome you to the improved ‘one-stop-shop’ on Sport & Development.

The ‘Platform’ has become the home for the Sport & Development community. Actors who question and attempt to understand the role of sport in development use the Platform to showcase their work, share their tools and to engage with one another. We hope this new space responds to the communication, information and interaction needs of the Sport & Development community.

How did we get here?

An external evaluation of the Platform was carried out in late 2006. The most important recommendation made was to initiate a process towards developing a comprehensive strategic framework for the Platform. Over the course of 2007, the Platform’s Operating Team at the Swiss Academy for Development (SAD) and major stakeholders, including donors and other partners, worked together to reassess the role of the Platform and to establish the parameters for the strategic direction of the Platform.

What changes can you expect?

The Platform was perceived to have a role not only in providing information on ‘who does what’ in Sport & Development but also as the site for interested individuals in Sport & Development to interact and engage with each other on Sport & Development-related issues. The Platform was also determined to have a role in facilitating coordination between different Sport & Development stakeholders and to play a key role in building good practice in this field.

The new version of the Platform will have two main parts to it – (i) a space for information and guidance on Sport & Development and (ii) a space for Sport & Development community members to present themselves, share information with each other and to comment on each other’s ideas and work.

Users have greater autonomy on the new version of

The new version of the Platform will allow the possibility for registered users to upload their own content, including: Project updates, News & articles, Team Player profiles and Organisation profiles. They will also be able to contact and connect with other registered users directly through the Platform.

These communication possibilities will be provided in the Connect section that we are currently developing and which will be launched later this summer.

Our thanks

On behalf of the entire Platform team including the Operating Team at SAD, as well as Platform donors and stakeholders, we would like to say thank you for your commitment to the Platform and hope you will enjoy using the new version of on a regular basis!


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Usha Selvaraju


Monday, June 30, 2008 - 16:00

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