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We’re realising a dream - let’s bring it to life now

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We’re realising a dream - let’s bring it to life now

The Bhubesi Pride Foundation is undertaking the construction of a 7-acre sports and education centre in rural Lilongwe, Malawi to further their impact as a rugby-for-good charity.

Bhubesi Pride Foundation is a UK-registered, rugby-for-good charity working in 8 African countries with goals to unite, empower and inspire using sport as a tool for education and social change.

Already well established with its overland expeditions, Bhubesi Pride Foundation has put down roots in Malawi building a sports and education centre.

Malawi is an African landlocked country with a growing population of 18 million. Malawi’s vibrant beat, open skies and welcoming people all contribute to the country being known as “The Warm Heart of Africa”.

Just as Bhubesi Pride Foundation (BPF) made itself known on the world wide web, Malawian Wordsworth Rashid sent the charity an email. He invited BPF Founder, Richard Bennett, to stay with his family in Lilongwe and showed Richard what was possible through sport and education.

Seven years on and Wordsworth is employed by the charity full-time as a development officer, helping to realise a long-term plan to engage the community in meaningful activities, changing hundreds of lives. Malawi is listed as one of the poorest countries in the world economically, with HIV/Aids and malaria presenting persistent social challenges. Through sport, education, and promoting healthy life choices we are making a sustainable difference.

Here, now and in the future with BPF.

Further to our plans to build on our work in Malawi, in May 2018, the charity took its greatest step forward yet, purchasing a 7-acre site in rural Lilongwe. Construction is now well underway to create a sports and education centre consisting of a rugby pitch, netball court, volleyball court, clubhouse, viewing-deck, learning spaces, changing rooms, offices, kitchen, canteen, accommodation with 30 beds and a manager’s house.

YOU can get involved

  • Core activities on site will feature youth sport programs, life skills education, coach education and adult sports, and much more
  • Join us in Lilongwe as an individual or arrange a group visit, staying at our community centre and contribute to the charity’s goals

Change live through rugby in Africa.


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