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#WeStandTogether: A symbolic gesture in support of IDSDP

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#WeStandTogether: A symbolic gesture in support of IDSDP

St. Lawrence High School, Kolkata, India with their alumni St. Lawrence Old Boys' Association (SLOBA) will be celebrating International Day of Sport for Development and Peace (IDSDP) on 6 April 2017.

About 2,000 school children plan to hold white cards and a placard of “#WePlayTogether” on the school ground and will be photographed together as a symbolic gesture in support of IDSDP. The basic intention is to make school children aware of the fact that sport can be used as a tool to foster development and peace. Children at a very young age need to be introduced to how sports can benefit our society and help peaceful coexistence, and people from an early age should understand the value of fair competition in sports as a means to form responsible citizens.

Surely motivating people at a very young age on peace and sport is the aim. Some of these kids might be motivated enough to do something big for this beautiful movement of peace and development through sports when they grow up.

The school also plans to introduce students to the basic principles of Olympism on the day.

On 23 June this year the school plans in association with SLOBA to host a drawing competition “Expression 2017” to celebrate Olympic Day, with the theme ”Olympic Games and Peace”. The logo for “Expression 2017” will be revealed during 6 April celebrations.

“Expression 2017” received support from the ambassador of Greece in India, Peace and Sport (Monaco), Olympic Museum (Lausanne),, The International Olympic Truce Centre, Truce Foundation of USA, Art of the Olympians, Seattle University,, Bengal Hockey Association and Dr. Shashi Tharoor (former under-secretary general at United Nations).

“Expression 2017” will have participants from the school as well as Jesuit schools worldwide. Schools will send their students’ artwork either in person, through postal service or they can also scan and email projects. All artwork needs to be attested by the principal or headmaster of the school with all contact details to ensure fair competition and no plagiarism.

St. Lawrence has around 2,300 students and is one of many Jesuit institutions worldwide. There are around 779,940 students worldwide.

If this competition is a success, the plan is to run a similar and a much bigger competition in December 2017/January 2018 in all schools (including children with intellectual and physical disabilities) in Kolkata and surrounding areas, and use the Jesuit alumni network to get a wider participation.

In continuation of the IDSDP celebration, the school will organise a “Tin and Can” football tournament in the month of May, involving the students, teachers, staff and the alumni. The purpose of the tournament is sport for all, a platform to play together, exhibiting the philosophy of Olympism.

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