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What is beyond Rio 2016 for sport for development in Brazil?


What is beyond Rio 2016 for sport for development in Brazil?

Discovering the sports and community development projects that are working to create a lasting legacy beyond Rio 2016.

Whilst Zika and the current political situation have dominated recent headlines about Brazil, questions around the legacy and impact of Rio 2016 have been largely overshadowed.

Social Starters, an international volunteering and enterprise development programme, has developed a Sport Inspiration programme launching in August that will put the spotlight on the projects working with communities through sport in Rio amidst the Olympic and Paralympic Games.

The programme will bring sport enthusiasts and aspiring social changers to Rio, connecting them with a range of Brazilian sports projects that can provide inspiration for those wanting to develop their own sport and community development projects and social businesses back home.

Um Rio, a sport development project using rugby to engage disadvantaged children and young people is an example of a programme that has been looking to create impact beyond Rio 2016 for the last three years. Robert Malengreau, Um Rio's founder, is determined that the work of the NGO in the favela community where they are based must have a much longer term vision than Rio 2016 to create impact.

Um Rio have been working with the British Consulate a lot in recent months, and the Consulate will also be supporting the Sport Inspiration programme, sharing their knowledge and specialism in sport infrastructure with individuals looking to develop their own sport and social impact projects and businesses. Infrastructure and sustainability is a key part of any sport development programme’s mission to create impact in the community they work in. 

Creating strong networks, sharing learnings and developing ideas in partnership are also fundamental to strong long lasting sport for development projects and have been vital elements for a range of sports projects working in Rio. Learning more about how these networks are formed and continue to thrive could also hold the key to creating lasting legacy and impact from the Games.

We will discover & share stories of more sport development projects like Um Rio on the Sport Inspiration programme.

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