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What’s next for the East Africa Cup and UN-Habitat?


What’s next for the East Africa Cup and UN-Habitat?

Dana Podmolikova writes about UN-Habitat's experience at the recent East Africa Cup in Moshi, Tanzania.

It was the first time UN-Habitat has been present at the East African Cup (EAC), and our youth and urbanisation workshop provided a creative space where ideas and action plans were born. Tough topics were discussed but the young participants mastered it so well. Some of them stepped up their game even more, leaving their comfort zones and overcoming their own fears of public speaking in English when presenting their work and strategies.

It wasn’t just our workshop that left us happy – the whole event was inspiring. Seeing hundreds of kids and young people playing and having fun while learning skills they perhaps would not pick up in formal education was priceless. The EAC is a testimony to how sport can help with capacity building, personal development and social change. It is a mobilising tool that can simultaneously teach a thing or two in a fun way. One week in Moshi definitely leaves a long lasting positive impact on the communities involved.

For UN-Habitat, EAC represents a great arena for youth and community development, and we have identified three ways that we can contribute to supporting this event and the organisations behind it.

  • Young people need to know they can play important roles in finding solutions to some of the urban challenges they face, and we should strive to empower them to do so. For next year, we will try to bring an additional facilitator to reach even more young people. We can also add other thematic workshops that could be useful for the young participants, as well as organising training of trainers to expand the pool of facilitators able to deliver the urban challenges workshop to a wider audience.
  • EAC has been working with youth groups from Somalia for a number of years now. There is a possibility to join our efforts on advancing our initiatives in Somalia, building on our individual experiences and expertise.
  • UN-Habitat has a great network of motivated and inspirational young people globally, which can support EAC to expand to other corners of the world.

Being part of the East Africa Cup 2015 has been extremely valuable for UN-Habitat and for our new urban sports programme. We take the experience, the knowledge and the spirit of the event and try to build on it to advance our work with young people worldwide. We hope that this is just the beginning of a long-lasting partnership and we cannot wait to be involved again next year.

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Dana Podmolikova


Monday, July 13, 2015 - 23:00