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The #WhiteCard campaign successfully ends at FISE Hiroshima reaching 98 million* people worldwide

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The #WhiteCard campaign successfully ends at FISE Hiroshima reaching 98 million* people worldwide

The 6th edition of the #WhiteCard campaign, and initiative started by Peace and Sport in 2014, culminated in the city of peace, Hiroshima, with an international and multidisciplinary sports tournament - the FISE World Series.

Peace and Sport, in partnership with Hurricane Group, officially closed the 2019 #WhiteCard campaign at FISE Hiroshima held in Japan, on 19 April. For the second consecutive time, the two organizations joined forces to use urban sports to break down barriers and promote the #WhiteCard campaign generating a final total of 98 million* people reached on social media.

More than 1,000 spectators, international riders and officials came together at FISE Hiroshima for the closing of the 2019 #WhiteCard campaign where they sent a strong message of peace. On this occasion, a “Riders for Peace Challenge” attracted skaters from 8 nationalities between 6 and 26 years for an Ollie contest, which gave an iconic final between KéChaud Johnson (USA) and Yamoto Kosuzu (Japan). The event took place next to the symbolic Peace Memorial Park, which is the only structure that remained intact after the bombing on 6 August 1945.

Mr. Laurent Dupont, Peace and Sport Managing Director, said:

What better way to close the #WhiteCard campaign than gathering athletes from different nationalities here in Hiroshima, the city of peace. This year, the digital campaign generated an unprecedented worldwide mobilisation that reached 98 million people on social media including governments, international federations, National Olympic Committees, athletes, Champions for Peace, clubs, NGOs and schools.”

A worldwide mobilization

This year, Peace and Sport spurred an outstanding #WhiteCard mobilisation in 136 countries, notably in Venezuela, Estonia, Georgia and Mexico, where numerous stakeholders participated in the campaign which was launched by football legend, and Peace and Sport Vice-President Didier Drogba in Cyprus on 19 March.

About #WhiteCard

Every year since its creation the #WhiteCard campaign has reached more and more people on social media. From 6 million people reached in 2014, 7 million in 2015, 28 million in 2016, 43 million in 2017, and 90 million in 2018, the exponential success of the #WhiteCard acknowledges its capacity to promote the positive and constructive values of sport. Over the 6 editions including 2019, the campaign has reached a total of 272 million people and has become the symbol of the peace-through-sport movement. As opposed to a red card, holding up a white card is a symbolic action that represents inclusion, equality and peace.

The #WhiteCard was created by Peace and Sport in 2014 to promote the International Day of Sport for Development and Peace, and has since been led by Peace and Sport with the support of the International Olympic Committee and the United Nations.

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