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Wilson Kipketer motivates youth at the East Africa Cup


Wilson Kipketer motivates youth at the East Africa Cup

Former 800m World champion and record holder Kipketer was in Moshi, Tanzania, for the past week as the chief guest at the East Africa Cup, where he motivated the young people to be successful through a press conference and fun-run.

Born in Kenya 39 years ago, the Dane arrived on Tuesday 21 June and spent his time chatting and playing with over 1,500 youth from Uganda, Rwanda, Kenya, Burundi, Zambia, Zimbabwe, host nation Tanzania, and Southern Sudan, the world's newest nation.

With the theme of "One week in Moshi, One Year in the Community", Kipketer talked about managing success, losses, making friends and networking, and how to use the skills learnt once they go back home.

Kipketer told the youngsters, "You are the hero, all eyes are on you; you have to be a role model for the others. You have to be respectful; you have to be a leader now."

Together as one at the East Africa Cup
It was a joy for Kipketer, an IAAF athletes Ambassador, to see children from the participating countries enjoying artistic performances together every evening and encouraged them to keep the spirit of friendship that they have learnt in Moshi.

"It was a great thing to see Ugandans and Kenyans dancing together, I have told them that this is the foundation for networking for their future, and they can exchange the positive things from their countries," Kipketer said. "It is the beginning of understanding the world; what is important is to make friends, to be happy, and make business."

Kipketer's motivational legacy

The participants will remember Kipketer as he left them with an autographed flyer from the 2002 Memorial van Damme Meeting and with his achievements on the reverse side.

Before the final matches of the East Africa Cup were played on Saturday 25 June, Kipketer led an 800m fun-run with the organisers and participants. The East Africa Cup is not just about winning but learning, and the former World champion's closing words were, "The most important thing here is to be part of it."

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Monday, June 27, 2011 - 23:00

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