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Women in STEM and sports event

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Women in STEM and sports event

The Institute of Interdisciplinary Sport Research at St. John's University will host an event on 8 April.

How will you be celebrating on the day?

On 8 April the Institute of Interdisciplinary Sport Research will be hosting a Women in STEM and Sports event for high school girls. The girls targeted are girls that attend STEM specialised schools and have a passion for sport. The event is aimed at raising awareness about STEM careers in the sports industry, through networking, guest speakers, sporting and team building activities.

What does 6 April mean to you?

The IISR explores new concerns in human rights, peace-building and sustainable development in accordance with the UN SDGs. We seek to contribute to the existing body of work and mobilise stakeholders to make a positive impact. 6 April is a day where we can highlight our mission and design engagements that allow us to further our mission.


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Denise Kamyuka


Monday, March 25, 2019 - 13:57


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