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Women Win and Skateistan join forces to empower the next generation of female leaders

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Women Win and Skateistan join forces to empower the next generation of female leaders

A new partnership between skateboarding NGO Skateistan and Women Win plans to nurture female youth leaders to encourage an active, engaged and healthy generation of girls and women.

Women Win and Skateistan have joined forces to empower a generation of female leaders in Europe in a new initiative called ROLL Models. The project will operate in Germany, the Netherlands and Greece and aims to develop 72 female youth leaders over the next three years, who will in turn support and develop social skateboarding projects for 900 girls. Skateistan will contribute to the project through its Goodpush programme, which seeks to support the social skate sector around the world through knowledge sharing, advice and resources.

Launching on World Mental Health Day, ROLL Models is designed to bring the physical, mental and emotional benefits of sports to a whole generation of young women. Through skateboarding sessions, leadership training and seed funding, Women Win and Skateistan will empower young women to achieve their full potential whilst also inspiring younger girls to follow a similar path.  

The project aims to reach those who are often excluded from participation in sports. The current generation of girls and women in Europe is the least active ever: only 10-20% of adolescent girls meet the recommended level of physical activity. This lack of exercise and participation in sports is linked to increased mental health issues, which Skateistan and Women Win seek to address.

Rhianon Bader, Goodpush manager at Skateistan said: “We’re really excited to be launching this joint initiative with Women Win to empower young women through skateboarding. Through the last 11 years of running skateboarding programmes at Skateistan, we’ve learned a lot about the power of sport to develop leadership qualities in young people. We know that sport plays a major role in physical and mental wellbeing and we look forward to combining our expertise with Women Win to support young women as inspirational leaders in their communities.


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Wednesday, October 23, 2019 - 10:55