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Working with local sports associations


Working with local sports associations

A new sport for development initiative has begun in Antofagasta, Chile

Finally we have started to work with local organisations in Antofagasta.

We are about to sign agreements with COLODEP, Luciano Durandeau Asociation, Perla del Norte Asociation, Antofagasta Rugby Asociation, El Golf, Salitre Bajo, Ferrobaquedano Neightbor Union, if they agree to the terms and conditions.

The aim of our initiative is to build facilities that help to improve the quality of sports in our neighborhood and the participation of the community.

Our project is an initiative between Minera Escondida Foundation (BHP Billiton mine), sports associations and unions in Antofagasta. Antofagasta is located in the north of Chile, and is a very dry place. The most popular sport is football. Our objective is: To promote sports practice in Antofagasta as a means to improve the quality of life in our city. The initiative has 3 specific objetives:

  1. Sports facilities improvement
  2. Sustainable use of infrastructure.
  3. Strengthening the capacity of local sports organizations

At the moment we are working with 5 unions and 2 football associations and 1 rugby association. In the next month we are going to have training activities with sports organisations and clubs and will launch a fund to improve sports facilities.

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Mario Pizarro


Tuesday, August 4, 2009 - 23:00

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