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Working together towards reconciliation

Working together towards reconciliation

Discover a cross-continental partnership of cultural exchange, active research and social change.

Changing the score
"Changing the Score"

is an Australia-Brazil sport for reconciliation project of cultural exchange and action research to promote positive social change amongst disadvantaged youth in the favelas of Rio de Janeiro. 

The project involves a coalition of partners from Australia, including: Bluestone Edge, RMIT University, Global Reconciliation, the Richmond Tigers Australian Football League club and the Korin Gamadji Institute. This coalition work in Rio with on-ground partners IBISS, who have been working in favela communities since 1989.

Recently, the coalition tapped into one of their programmes which uses football as a tool to give young people a sense of possibility beyond the drug trade, gang warfare and the life of a child soldier.

Favelas, beaches and boxing rings

The project drew upon previous work in both Australia and Brazil to facilitate reconciliation practice and share knowledge on social inclusion through sport.

The seven-day journey brought the Australians and Brazilians together in the favelas, on the beach and in the boxing academy, where creative and open dialogues were established about culture, resilience, leadership, and strong communities.

The journey provided inspiration for the participants; many of whom are role models in their communities.  It is hoped the messages and lessons on reconciliation, sport and wellness will be taken back and used with their own indigenous and non-indigenous communities in Australia.

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Thursday, October 31, 2013 - 10:00