2013 Olympia Praxis Summer Programme


2013 Olympia Praxis Summer Programme

The International Olympic Academy and Georgetown University join forces to launch a groundbreaking sport for peace and development professional training programme at the birthplace of the Olympic spirit.


23 June – 3 July 2013
Olympia, Greece
Who can apply:
Sport for development practitioners, students, athletes, policy officers, and educators. Applications will also be accepted from highly motivated and committed individuals who are interested in entering this emerging field.


Over the last two decades an increasing number of sport, humanitarian, educational and civil society institutions have recognised the power of sport, education and cultural enrichment programmes as tools for resolving a number of social challenges.

The Olympia Praxis Summer Programme is the first step of Olympism4Humanity (O4H), a global initiative that aims to advance human centered alliances, scholarship, educational opportunities and synergies that will facilitate the resolution of existing global challenges. O4H’s long-term strategic plan aims to provide ongoing professional training and capacity building for individuals who are interested in gaining the essential skills and competencies for effective Olympism, Peace and Development (OPD) programme initiation and delivery.

This programme is particularly unique for two reasons. It will be the first professional training opportunity solely focusing on Olympic values dissemination as a tool for social change, and it aims to revive these values at the birthplace of the Olympic Spirit: Olympia. There, Olympism, peace-building, democracy, philosophy, arts, science, and civic engagement were originally embraced as vital and essential elements of excellence, and as the components of a holistic educational philosophy of a balanced mind, body and spirit. Participants will participate in a life-changing learning experience by gaining an intense cause-oriented, project-based training at the foundation of the Olympic spirit.

Topics to be covered:

  • Case Studies: Experiences from the field (unemployment, at-risk youth, conflict resolution, adverse conditions, disability, social integration, etc.)
  • Applied Olympic Education and Olympism Peace and Development (OPD) Theoretical Foundations
  • Non-profit organisations, strategic planning, challenges and steps forward
  • OPD Knowledge Economy (evidence from the field and efforts to bridge gaps in knowledge)
  • OPD Strategic Planning, Partnerships, Programme Initiation and Delivery
  • OPD Capacity Building and Sustainability
  • OPD Monitoring and Evaluation

Programme fees:

1450 Euros
Early registration: 1300 Euros for applications completed before 15 April 2013. Special discount packages are available for (a) student groups, (b) Sport for Development and Peace agency staff members, and (c) country delegations.
Contact email: olympism4humanity@gmail.com


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