Call for participants: Seminar on how sport is a tool for inclusion of diversity


Call for participants: Seminar on how sport is a tool for inclusion of diversity

ENGSO Youth is organising a seminar to exchange their visions, ideas and best practices with 40 youth workers/ coaches and (PE) teachers on how to increase the sport participation of children with a disability.

In this seminar two main areas will be critically considerd:

  • To ensure participants understand the possibilities to adapt sessions and sports and make them more inclusive
  • To hear examples, advice and good practice for the future of sport as an all inclusive entity, specific to young people with a disability to create a common tool/manual which could be used in the different context of Europe

Criteria for participants
  • 31 young people between 18-30 years old
  • Nine participants over 30 years old
  • Ability to communicate and work in English
  • Being strongly motivated and committed to creating and implementing a national youth initiative in order to spread the result of the seminar and to help other youth workers, youth leaders and stakeholder to promote the creation and development of adapted sport activities and unified session of sport catering to young people with disabilities
  • Being strongly motivated and committed to design and realise a manual on the topic and act as multipliers in the respective country
  • Have experience in mixed, adapted and unified sport or having participated in a project for inclusion of diversity through sport

Practical details

Dates: 15-20 September 2016
Place: Sardinia, Sassari
Cost: travel, accommodation and meals are covered by the project
Complete the application form and send it to

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