Fritidspuljen in Denmark offer grants to support leisure-time activities in the fields of sport, culture or creativity


Fritidspuljen in Denmark offer grants to support leisure-time activities in the fields of sport, culture or creativity

Fritidspuljen in Denmark are offering grants for a select number of young people requiring financial support to attend sport and physical activities.

We support

Fritidspuljen supports involvement in club- and leisure-time activities. Fritidspuljen also provides financial support for leisure equipment. The leisure-time activities can be anything within the fields of sport, culture, or creativity as for example scout groups, theatre, and music. Additionally, Fritidspuljen supports participation in, among other possibilities, football and swim camps during the child’s holidays.

Eligibility criteria
Children and young people aged 0-18 years, where one or both parents are recipients of the new reduced integration benefit introduced on 1 September 2015.

How to apply
First of all, you need to contact the club that your child is interested in and then find out:

  • If there is a place for your child in the leisure-time activity
  • Whether or not they accept a voucher from Fritidspuljen

It is important that you get the following information from the club, as you will need it when completing your application to Fritidspuljen:

  • The club’s name
  • The name of the team/activity
  • Start date
  • Instructor/contact person’s name and e-mail or telephone number
  • Annual club membership fees

You are now ready to apply for financial support from Fritidspuljen at
Fill out the electronic application form and press ”send”. You can expect an answer within 14 business days.

If The Danish Refugee Council accepts your application you will receive a voucher for the club membership/ leisure-time activity fees by post. This voucher allows you to buy equipment for up to 500 DKK in shops that collaborate with The Danish Refugee Council.

  • You can apply for financial support of up to 1,200 DKK per year to pay club membership fees
  • You can apply for a special grant of up to 6,000 DKK for music lessons including instrument rental (N.B. There are a limited number of places)
  • You can apply for financial support to cover the cost of leisure equipment, i.e. up to 500 DKK per year
  • You can only apply for financial support one year at a time
  • If your child would like to continue his/her leisure-time activity after a year you have to apply for support from Fritidspuljen again
  • You can only apply for one leisure-time activity per child
  • If you apply for more than one child in your family you have to fill out an application for each child

Exercise/practice for free

Click the “TRÆN GRATIS” menu to see where you can exercise or practice for free without applying for support from Fritidspuljen first.

Contact the clubs directly by phone or email – for contact information please look under the “TRÆN GRATIS” menu.

Contact Fritidspuljen at or call +45 26 11 06 22.

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