New Opportunities


New Opportunities

Two opportunities for further study with the Open University of Catalonia and The George Washington University, participate in this years Global Peace Games and contribute to M&E in sport for peace building.

Enrolments are open for online study
For those interested in sport for development and peace Masters and Postgraduate study; UNESCO, the Futbol Club Barcelona Foundation and the Open University of Catalonia have joined forces to create innovative new courses covering sport as a tool for social coexistence and conflict resolution.

Register for the 2013 Global Peace Games

An annual event that takes place in all parts of the world around United Nations themes for peace, nonviolence and human development. Organise an event at your local level, register and be part of this international initiative by the Play Soccer Nonprofit International.

Contribute to a study on M&E in sport for peace building

An opportunity for individuals who have experience in designing or implementing M&E frameworks for NGOs that use sport in peace building to contribute to a study investigating how effectiveness is measured.

Learn more about the field of sports philanthropy with this online study opportunity

The George Washington University is now accepting applications to study sports philanthropy in what is the field's first and only academic programme.


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Matthew Ruuska


Tuesday, July 16, 2013 - 23:00