Sport for Development Metrics and Evaluation (S4D M&E) Learning Lab


Sport for Development Metrics and Evaluation (S4D M&E) Learning Lab

We are excited to announce the re-launching of the Sport for Development Metrics and Evaluation (S4D M&E) Learning Lab.

The S4D M&E Learning Lab had secured a strong membership base and we have made some improvements that will provide members a more robust and user-friendly online learning community.

  • We have a new virtual roundtable presentation platform. We will be using Adobe Connect to ensure a more seamless and accessible connection
  • We will host bi-monthly roundtables (instead of monthly) to provide greater advance notice for our members
  • Increased technical support to enhance the quality and usability of the Learning Lab and our bi-monthly roundtables


The S4D M&E Learning Lab is an online community that provides its members the opportunity to share best practices, address challenges, examine trends and partnership opportunities, and disseminate research and evaluation outcomes. Through open information exchange and collaboration, this platform will allow members to support the advancement of sport for development and peace programmes globally.

The S4D M&E Learning Lab will feature bi-monthly virtual roundtables highlighting the efforts of leading sport for development researchers, practitioners, thought leaders and donors. To ensure that the Learning Lab is a dynamic, relevant and robust platform for the ongoing exchange of information, we encourage members to be active participants by contributing articles, posting research outcomes and initiating relevant discussions.

Please join us on 16 September from 12-1pm ET for our first event, Examining the ‘Efficacy of Life Skills Training in the Prevention of Youth Violence in Central America’ presented by Dr. James Mandigo of Brock University in Ontario, Canada. Please visit the S4D M&E Learning Lab to find more information about our presenter.

Also, mark your calendars for 4 November from 12-1pm ET when we will welcome Dr. Megan Chawansky, senior lecturer at the University of Brighton, to the Learning Lab for a discussion on ‘Making Cities Safe for Girls’ Sport: Reflections on Sport for Development and Peace M&E Within the Sport for Development Goals’.
To become a member of the S4D M&E Learning Lab community, click here to create an account and request group membership.

To register for and participate in bi-monthly virtual roundtables:

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