Value the difference training course


Value the difference training course

Project Value the Difference is a multi-activity project designed to promote integration of visually impaired young people through sport and outdoor activities.

To achieve the objectives of the Value the Difference project we planned two separate events taking place in Romania and Poland.

The first activity is an eight day long training course, which is a gathering of 24 youth workers from five countries (Romania, Poland, Italy, Greece and Spain) taking place in Cluj-Napoca, Romania from 3 to 11 November 2015.

The event targets youth workers willing to explore and extract all the possible positive aspects of work with visually impaired youth, using non-formal methods of education for developing consistent inclusion and acceptance among our beneficiaries. We have currently 19 available positions for this event.

The second activity is an eight day long youth exchange for 40 participants (35 young people aged 18-26 and five leaders) taking place 16-24 January. During this activity we invite the youth workers that took part in TC in Romania to put into practice the new skills and evaluate methods learned. The leaders of the YE have already been chosen, however we invite youth workers/leaders that will attend the TC to participate in the YE in January if they are under 26 years old.

This training course is for 24 participants from Belgium - DE, Belgium - FL, Belgium - FR, Greece, Italy, Poland, Romania and recommended for youth workers, trainers, youth leaders, project managers, and visually impaired workers.

Working language(s): English

Organiser: Babylon Travel (NGO/others) Co-organiser(s): Youth of Europe (NGO/others)
Contact for questions: Igor Pronobis; E-Mail:; Phone: +48601822422

Application deadline: 5 October 2015

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