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Goals for a better life

Goals for a better life

The Colombianitos Sport Programme focuses on promoting development in social-emotional and citizen competencies, through the sport practice and our methodology “Juguemos por la paz” ("Let's play for peace"), in order to contribute in the construction of more just, equitable and supportive societies.

Construction of peace

  • 36,352 beneficiaries
  • This syllabus proposes the development of social-emotional and citizen competencies, through the practice of sports which has a pedagogical intention in which the rules of the game are used not only to promote non-violence, but also to develop social- emotional competencies and social integration. Additionally, it aids the prevention of risk factors such as absenteeism, school dropouts and bullying
  • Watch a video on the construction of peace programme

Gender equality

  • 900 beneficiaries
  • This syllabus seeks to create reflections and teachings that aim to encourage gender equality at school. The initial task includes the review of the basic objectives and minimum obligatory contents, to change the prejudice and stablished standards about gender differences and sports practice
  • This syllabus was developed in alliance with Dorothea Haus Ross Foundation

Prevention of early consumption of alcohol

  • 6,895 beneficiaries
  • This syllabus is based on the sport practice and ludic strategies in order to prevent early consumption of alcohol
  • All activities developed in this area seek to create awareness about the risks of alcohol consumption and, therefore, aim to work as a preventive programme in cases of alcohol consumption as another addictive substance
  • These sports activities are focused in the development of abilities of self-care, assertiveness, decision-making and the management and resolution of problems
  • This syllabus was developed as part of project City Pilot, in alliance with Bavaria, the Secretary of Education of the Capital District of Bogotá, Nuevos Rumbos Corporation, Andes University and Development Bank of Latin America- CAF


  • 43 beneficiaries
  • A Ganar” ("To win") is a programme whose syllabus is focused on the development of youth workforce that uses sports in order to help young people find a job and return to school
  • This program was created in 2005 by Partners of the Americas, with the support of Inter-American Development Bank – IADB.   Thanks to this project, our young participants had access to their first formal job.
  • Watch a video on the employability programme

Youth leadership

  • 1,002 beneficiaries
  • Teenagers and young people’s social life at school and within their neighborhoods are activated through group training which, in several cases, requires guidance in order to reflect appropriately theirs life’s projects and the role that they play within their communities
  • For this reason, we built a syllabus that, through the sport practice, provides opportunities to promote social and leadership abilities through the development of personal projects as well as the development of community projects
  • This syllabus was developed a in alliance with Laureus Sports for Good
  • Watch a video on the youth leadership programme

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