Sport scores: The costs and benefits of sport for crime reduction


Sport scores: The costs and benefits of sport for crime reduction

Laureus Sport for Good Foundation & Ecorys

 A new Laureus-funded report has shown that community sports projects not only successfully tackle youth crime, but in doing so can save governments money as well.

The new Sport Scores report, which looked at community sports projects in Germany, Italy and the United Kingdom, argues that there is evidence to suggest every €1 invested in sports projects can reduce costs to society by an average €5.02.

These savings come from reducing costs to victims of crime, police and the courts. The report looked at the Sport and Thought and Fight for Peace projects in London, the KICK Im Boxring project in Berlin and the Midnight Basketball project in Milan.

The report is a development of last year’s Teenage Kicks report, which focused solely on UK sports projects, that discovered equally significant savings to society stemming from investment in sports projects that tackle youth crime.

The production of the Sport Scores report was co-financed by the Laureus Sport for Good Foundation and the Ecorys Research programme.

Laureus supports and assists a worldwide programme of sports related community projects to help young people overcome the limitations imposed by challenging social issues including poverty, homelessness, war, violence, drug abuse, discrimination and AIDS. Ecorys is a leading European research and consultancy company. Further support was also given by Bocconi University, Milan, the German Sport University, Cologne, the University of East London, the UK research company Substance and Professor Fred Coalter.


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Laureus Sport for Good Foundation & Ecorys




Laureus Sport for Good Foundation & Ecorys


Wednesday, October 24, 2012 - 23:00

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