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European Week of Sport 2016 Evaluation Report

European Week of Sport 2016 Evaluation Report

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During the months of October and November 2016, the European Commission consulted, via an on-line survey, national coordinating bodies, European partners of the Week and Erasmus+: Sport project leaders.

The feedback received represents a unanimous view: the second European Week of Sport was a huge success.

Key findings

In brief, in 2016: 

  • the number of events and participants doubled compared to 2015, reaching  over 15,000 events with 10 million active participants
  • the number of sport organisations committed to supporting the Week (now 35 European partners) increased
  • the strong visual branding created in 2015 was developed further with copyright-free photos provided for the use of all key players

The results of the social media campaign are also impressive. On Twitter, the hashtag #BeActive was used more than 34,000 times during the campaign from May to September with a potential reach of over 180 million users. During the opening event alone, over 5 million users were reached. Adding up the estimated 20 million viewers of TV spots on Eurosport and the potential number of reaches of the #BeActive campaign gives a total of over 200 million Europeans reached.

Many participating countries developed their own Facebook pages and Twitter accounts, and some also collaborated with public TVs to show spots or broadcast activities live. The support of national ambassadors was recognised as important in raising the profile of the campaign.

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Tuesday, January 24, 2017 - 10:23

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