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UEFA Football and Social Responsibility Report 2017/18

UEFA Football and Social Responsibility Report 2017/18

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Background and Situation Reports


Union of European Football Associations



The latest UEFA Football and Social Responsibility Report sees UEFA’s Football and Social Responsibility unit address key social responsibility issues through football in close partnership with member associations and expert organisations. 


UEFA, the Union of European Football Associations, is the governing body and ‘guardian’ of European football. UEFA is a society entered in the register of companies under the Swiss civil code and is neutral, politically and religiously.

A representative democracy, UEFA is committed to promoting, protecting, nurturing and developing the football throughout Europe. UEFA embraces the passion of football at all levels of the game and encourages it to be respected in a spirit of unity, solidarity and fair play.


UEFA’s commitment to the transparent reporting of its football and social responsibility initiatives parallels its efforts to integrate social responsibility into the activities of UEFA’s 55 national associations and throughout European football.

This report marks UEFA’s sixth season of detailing its FSR activities and the start of the new four-year business cycle spanning the 2017/18–2020/21 seasons.

The structure and content of the reports have been revised with the format now reflecting UEFA’s overall FSR policy, taking account of the amendments and the strategic options adopted. Continuing the reporting process into this new cycle serves two purposes: first, it gives the opportunity to reflect on past achievements, and second, it provides the motivation to progress and improve in successive years. By highlighting ways in which football activities are becoming increasingly socially responsible and sustainable, the reports offer readers the chance to discover examples of good practice. 



UEFA Football and Social Responsibility


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