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Journal of Sport for Development: Volume 4 Issue 7

Journal of Sport for Development: Volume 4 Issue 7

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Journal of Sport for Development




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JSFD’s mission is to examine, advance and disseminate evidence, best practices, and lessons learned from Sport for Development programmes and interventions. JSFD is the first peer-reviewed, open-access journal devoted to exclusively publishing research from the field of Sport for Development.

Evaluation protocol: Netball to promote physical and mental health in Samoa and Tonga

  • Richards, Sherry, Philpott, Keane, Schulenkorf, Bauman

Called to serve: Exploring servant leadership in the context of sport-fordevelopment

  • Wells, Welty Peachey

Examining the role of life skills developed through Salvadoran physical education programs on the prevention of youth violence

  • Mandigo, Corlett, Ticas

Challenges and strategies for success of a sport-for-development programme for First Nations, Métis and Inuit youth

  • Halsall, Forneris

‘A phone call changed my life’: Exploring the motivations of sport for development and peace scholars

  • Welty Peachey, Cohen, Musser

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