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Sport for Addressing HIV/AIDS: Explaining our Convictions


Sport for Addressing HIV/AIDS: Explaining our Convictions

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Leisure Studies Association (LSA)



Leisure Studies Association (LSA)

Oscar Mwaanga presents a theoretical analysis of the justifications for the use of sport for addressing HIV/AIDS.

The article critically examines the value of each of the following theories that underpin sport for addressing HIV/AIDS initiatives:

  • Sport for moral development - Sport develops social skills and moral values that will curb the spread of HIV/AIDS
  • Sport as a positive diversion – ‘Time spent in sport is time away from sex’
  • Sport as a hook – Using sport as bait to supply core HIV/AIDS services
  • Sport as a means to foster empowerment – Sport fuels self confidence and belief in physical capabilities
  • Sport as a means to improve health for People Living With HIV/AIDS (PLWHA) – An active lifestyle has a positive impact on both the psychological and physical health of PLWHA

Rather than ‘essentialise’ sport, Mwaanga suggests that there is a need to apply a more theoretical approach to the use of sport for development and peace, arguing that it is crucial to understand why certain aspects of sport have the greatest impact.



Oscar Mwaanga


Sunday, February 28, 2010 - 23:00