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4th CSDC Youth Sport Charter

4th CSDC Youth Sport Charter

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Commonwealth Secretariat

A statement on sport and empowering the youth of the Commonwealth from the participants of the Commonwealth Sport Development Conference:

“Young people should be central to all levels of decision making in order to maximise the contribution of sport to youth empowerment and development”

Conference participants highlighted that the contribution sport can play in engaging and empowering the youth is well recognised in the Commonwealth.  A range of commitments, initiatives, programmes and projects have been instigated championing this principle.

This statement recognises these efforts and aims to add value to these efforts.  The statement represents both a commitment of the participants of the Commonwealth Sport Development Conference and a call to action to the range of stakeholders who can advance the contribution sport can make to empowering the young people in the Commonwealth.

In presenting this message the Conference also commits to advance the key principles of the charter and
asks broader stakeholders to reflect on the level to which current policy, strategy and programmes
reflect these same principles.



Commonwealth Secretariat


Monday, September 30, 2013 - 23:00