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Football for All Report and Strategy

Football for All Report and Strategy

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Football for All have published their 2018 report and 2019-2021 strategy.

When we discuss the subject of people with disabilities and their subsequent inclusion into our society, we must consider we are referring to the largest minority group present in our society. 

In fact, we can observe that, according to the latest study developed by the World Disability Report, between 15 to 20 percent of the world's population is affected by some type of disability (in India there are 60 million people with disabilities). If we focus on the European reality, we are able to verify that, through the latest study carried out by the European Disability Forum, there are nowadays 80 million European citizens suffering from some type of disability (over 15% of the European population and equivalent to the entire population of Belgium , Czech Republic, Greece, Hungary and Netherlands combined). It should also be pointed out that currently 40% of the European population presents some kind of dexterity difficulty and that in every four European citizens, there is one citizen who has a relative with a disability. 

In this sense, and considering the social importance that football reflects in our lives, we decided to create the “Football for All Leadership Programme”. With the aim of promoting a stronger integration of disabled people in the football industry, the “Football for All Leadership Programme” is the first executive programme specifically targeted for disabled people who want to develop a career in the world of football. 



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Wednesday, January 23, 2019 - 15:38

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