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Keeping the flame alive: The Olympic and Paralympic Legacy

Keeping the flame alive: The Olympic and Paralympic Legacy

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The Authority of the House of Lords



The Authority of the House of Lords

Outstanding success

The hosting of the London 2012 Olympic and Paralympic Games was an outstanding success. The Games exceeded expectations and confounded sceptics by giving the world a spectacular example of what the United Kingdom is capable of doing, delivering a major event to time and to budget. The success of the Games is a credit to the organisations involved, particularly LOCOG, the ODA and the BOA. As well as showcasing the UK’s professionalism and expertise to the world, the experience of the Games should convince the UK of the value of holding such events in future.

Examining a legacy

The Committee’s task was not to examine the Games themselves, but whether they will have an enduring sporting and regeneration legacy. The evidence we took suggested that legacy played a bigger part in the planning of the 2012 Games than in previous Games, and this in itself deserves credit.

Delivering as promised

The London 2012 legacy promised nothing less than a healthier and more successful sporting nation, open for business, with more active, sustainable, fair and inclusive communities. These laudable aims, supported across the political spectrum, attracted significant public and private investment. This report considers whether the promised legacy will be delivered. 



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