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Master Thesis: Big Games in Small Places

Master Thesis: Big Games in Small Places

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In this Master thesis, Louis Moustakas from the German Sport University looks at how a Major Sport Event can impact organisational capacity in a developing economy like Botswana.

In May 2014, Botswana hosted its first-ever Major Sport Event (MSE), the 2nd African Youth Games (AYG). These Games brought 51 countries to Botswana and featured 2000 athletes competing in 21 sports. In the broader international sporting context, these Games are part of a growing number of MSEs being hosted in transition and developing economies. Notable in the Botswana case was the high level of involvement of the National Sport Federations (NSFs) in the preparations for the event.

This thesis looks at how hosting a multi-sport MSE can influence the overall capacity of sporting organizations, namely these NSFs, within a developing economy. The results show that individuals perceive positive gains related to skill and knowledge development, international relationships and, in some instances, material resources. Conversely, negative outcomes include the lack of opportunities to apply or continue to develop these new skills, strained relationships within the Botswana sport system, and unmet financial expectations.

In the end, this thesis shows that the different capacity outcomes do not exist independently, but are rather strongly interrelated and provides an initial roadmap for MSEs hosted in similar contexts. 



Monday, June 19, 2017 - 15:51

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