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Uncovering the Social Value of Sport


Uncovering the Social Value of Sport

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 Sport and Recreation Alliance

Foreword by Andrew Moss, chair of the Sport and Recreation Alliance:

2015 may not have been the easiest year for sport, but in spite of those challenges in governance, finance and damage to sport’s reputation, we must remember that many lives have been changed for the better through participation in sport and recreation.

These benefits can accrue over a lifetime, from when we take our first steps through to older age. Being active and engaged makes an enormous difference – to the economy, to our own physical and mental health, in addressing social isolation, improved educational attainment and in combatting crime and anti-social behaviour.

As a sector, I believe that we should do more to celebrate, articulate and quantify this value – not only to know intuitively that we bring social value, but in working harder to quantify that social value. This collection of articles is our contribution to the next stage of the debate.

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