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12th European Association for Sociology of Sport Conference

12th European Association for Sociology of Sport Conference

The 12th conference of the European Association for Sociology of Sport (EASS) is entitled "Sport, Unity & Conflict". The event will be hosted at the historic Royal College of Surgeons Ireland building on St. Stephen’s Green in the very heart of Dublin City centre.


06/10/2015 00:00


Ireland, Dublin|13.06.2015

Sport is often presented as both a unifying concept and practice, perhaps even acting as a dictum, a means through which the people of different nations, classes, cultures and perspectives are brought together in unison. Yet, tension and conflict pervade sport. Within nation-states, and between nations, sport, in its many guises, functions to separate people, to generate difference, even a means to celebrate it. Such schisms intermingle with contradictory movements of harmonious celebration and mutual identification in the context of shifting sporting, and wider social, processes and events. Across Europe, and globally, such tensions are omnipresent – manifest in numerous and differentiated ways. In that sense, sport is often the epitome of feelings of unity and discord.

The speakers of the conference will tackle the above mentioned topics. Three keynote speakers are already confirmed:

Professor Randall Collins, University of Pennsylvania, USA
Professor Roberta Sassatelli, University of Milan, Italy
Professor Anthony King, University of Exeter

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