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2nd International Conference on Sport in Africa

2nd International Conference on Sport in Africa

The Center of African Studies of the ISCTE-Lisbon University Institute, in cooperation with the Institute of Social Sciences of the University of Lisbon, the Sport: Laboratory of the History of Sport and Leisure, of the Federal University of Rio de Janeiro and the Group of African Studies of the Fluminense Federal University, are promoting the II International Conference on Sport in Africa, entitled Sport and leisure in Africa: practices and identities, in Lisbon on the 5 and 6 of June 2012.


06/05/2012 00:00


Lisbon, Portugal|06.06.2012

Papers are welcome, particularly from scholars who study or are interested in developing topics related to sport and leisure in Africa.

This conference will be organized according the following thematic guidelines

  1. Sport, leisure and colonialism
  2. Sport and leisure policies in African countries
  3. Sport and Identity in African countries: from internal tensions to the insertion of African countries in the international settings
  4. The economic and social contexts of sport in Africa: markets and flows of talent and manpower

The Conference will be open to the public. The Conference languages will be Portuguese, French and English. Those interested in participating with the presentation of papers should take note of the following schedule:

15 January 2012 - Submission of proposals of papers
15 February 2012 - Communication of the Scientific Committee on the acceptance of communications
15 May 2012 - Publication of papers on the site of CEA-ISCTE/IUL

Abstracts of papers should not exceed 200 words and be accompanied by three keywords. Speakers must attach a brief biographical note and indicate their institutional affiliation and personal contacts.

Proposals should be sent to the following email:

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