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31st ACHPER International Conference

31st ACHPER International Conference

The 31st ACHPER International Conference will be held at the Australian Institute of Sport (AIS).


Mon, 01/14/2019 to Wed, 01/16/2019



The 31st ACHPER International Conference – January 2019 will have significant national and international appeal. This event has already attracted high quality keynote speakers from overseas and Australia and promises to be a showcase of contemporary and indeed future focused ideas that will ensure that it is a must attend event for Health and Physical Education professionals, Public Health, Sports, Recreation professionals and other key industry stakeholders.

The theme of the conference is: Reconfiguring HPE and Sport to Enrich Communities, and the sub-themes are as follows:

  • Community Engagement–Meeting current and future needs of communities by enabling the development of relationships
  • Contemporary Practices–Collaborative approaches to delivering engaging innovative professional practices and enriched curriculum
  • Public Policy Influence–Improving the development of policy through community engagement and empowerment

For three days the conference will be a centre of networking opportunities for professionals, who recognise the need to engage with currency in this important field.

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