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4th Global Summit in Social Change through the Art of Movement


4th Global Summit in Social Change through the Art of Movement

A two-day training event on movement-based approaches to instilling empathetic behaviour.


09/21/2013 00:00


United States of America, Baltimore|22.09.2013

Educators, thought leaders, students, artists and social change advocates will join Move This World (MTW) PeaceMover Facilitators and global staff for an experiential training weekend.

You will have the opportunity to:

  • LEARN how to facilitate MTW’s evidence-based curriculum
  • EXPERIENCE a holistic approach to social change that addresses the root causes of conflict.
  • CONNECT with like minded individuals in the transformative education arena

Tangible outcomes:

  • Strengthen your tool kit
  • Develop and improve your own social and emotional skills
  • Re-educate: Reconstruct the way you think about approaching conflict and violence
  • Spearhead the MOVEment: Be a pioneer in the arena of movement-based conflict transformation

Session topics include:

  • Exploring empathy: Active listening, respect, trust, and discovering and appreciating differences through self awareness and self management.
  • Exploring conflict resolution: Ethical behaviour, cooperation and goals through social awareness and relationship skills building.
  • Exploring civic engagement: Leadership and cultural diversity through responsible decision-making and social awareness.

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