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4th International Womens Sports Day


4th International Womens Sports Day

We are pleased to announce that we will be hosting the 4th International Women’s Sports Day on 6th March 2011 in celebration of International Women’s Day.


02/27/2011 00:00


Zambia, Lusaka|26.03.2011

This year the International Women’s Sports Day will be held under the theme: ‘Violence Against Women in Sport: Stepping Up to the Challenge’.

We intend to hold sports festivals and women’s rights awareness activities within the ten communities in high-density, peri-urban and rural areas around the country where we have programs.

The Sports Days will be organised and held locally in the communities of Chisekesi, Chongwe, Chipata, Liteta, Kitwe, Kabwe, Kaunda Square and Serenje.

Activities will include radio and TV discussions on the right to sport and the harassment and abuse of girls in sport.

The purpose is to raise awareness and to encourage prevention activities, the commemoration is also for the purpose of celebrating the achievements of girls and women in sport at various levels.

We invite organisations and individuals to join in the sports day from their locations and online through running sports activities, discussions, photo sharing and blogging.

Contact us for ideas of how you can participate.

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