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8th International Congress on Sport and Health


8th International Congress on Sport and Health

The University of Tuzla, Faculty of Physical Education and Sport cordially invite you to attend the 8th International Congress “Sport and Health“


10/02/2015 00:00


Tuzla, Bosnia and Herzegovina|10.03.2015

The event is intended for professors at universities, kinesiologists (or sport scientists), physicians (especially specialists of sports medicine), physiotherapists and others, teachers in primary and secondary schools, coaches, athletes, sports workers, kindergarten teachers and other professionals in the field of sports and health and other cognate and adjacent scientific fields. Policy makers, media representatives and service providers in sport and exercise are also welcome.

We hope that the congress will provide an excellent opportunity to discuss various topics related to professional and scientific dilemmas, the position and the role of sports within society in general, and humanistic and personalised approaches to persons with various health problems in light of the current knowledge on sports and health disorders.

Tuzla is the centre of the Tuzla Canton. It is a ‘City of Salt’ but also a cultural, university and economic centre, well known for its multinational and multicultural and warm hospitality. We hope that the congress will become a place not only for scientific discussion, but also for friendly contacts.

Official languages: English and Bosnian, Serbian and Croatian
Registracion: by registration form
Date: The event will take place in Tuzla, Bosnia and Herzegovina on 2-4 October 2015.

Contacts and more information
Registration and Payment:
Congress secretariat
University of Tuzla Faculty of Sports and Physical Education
2. Oktobra 1, 75000
Tuzla Bosnia and Herzegovina

Phone: +387 (0)35 278536
Fax: +387 (0)35 278536
Mobile phone: +387 (0)61 830730

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