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8th UNOSDP Youth Leadership Programme

8th UNOSDP Youth Leadership Programme

Tokyo hosts the latest YLP, designed to equip young people with the skills to create change in their communities.


01/20/2014 00:00


Tokyo, Japan |30.01.2014

The 8th UNOSDP Youth Leadership Programme (YLP) takes place in Japan for the first time. The first YLP of 2014 will gather 30 participants, aged 18-25, from across Asia. The event focuses on equipping them with the skills and education to use sport in their communities and become role models.

Organised in partnership with Right to Play, the Youth Leadership Programme recognises the potential that youth have to invoke change in their community, especially in the field of SDP. By helping youth develop their leadership skills, this programme not only contributes to the personal development of youth, it contributes to community development. By providing opportunities for youth to develop and exercise their leadership skills, the event aims to strengthen a community’s capacity to build on its strengths and respond to pressing community needs.

The idea of a Youth Leadership Programme was therefore conceived in order to support such youth by giving them access to theoretical and practical training needed to improve both their projects and their own professional progress, and by supporting them once they go back to their communities.