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Beyond Sport United

Beyond Sport United

On 27 September 2011 Beyond Sport will host the first ever Beyond Sport United. This event, being held at the Yankee Stadium in New York City, USA, will bring together representatives from major US sports leagues from baseball, basketball, football and hockey, with representatives from sports leagues from around the world. In recognition of the fact that sports teams and players often enjoy prestige and a heroic status, this day-long event serves as a platform for these professionals to address how they can more effectively make use of these assets to positively impact their communities.
Beyond Sport United is however open to anyone who can add substantial value to the debate. If you wish to purchase a delegate pass and attend this unique gathering, please email for more details.


09/27/2011 00:00


New York, United States of America

Beyond Sport was founded by Nick Keller as a global organization. This UK and US-based organisation aims to promote, develop and support the use of sport for positive social change all around the globe. The Beyond Sport Awards, the Beyond Sport Summit and the Beyond Sport World, an online networking platform, form the three main channels through which the Beyond Sport organization operates.


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