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Camer Football Women 2020

Women playing American football in Cameroon

Camer Football Women 2020

Women's American football tournament and round table on Women, Sport and Development in Yaoundé, Cameroon. From 28 Feb - 2 March 2020.


Fri, 02/28/2020 to Mon, 03/02/2020


American School of Yaoundé

The 6th edition of our signature series event title: Camer Football Women 2020.

Celebrating International Women's Day at the American school of Yaoundé from the 28 February – 2 March 2020 from 11AM - 4PM.

This year's event will see the participation of four teams and extended media coverage and highlights from various media organisations, including the main national TV station CRTV who will do a prime time coverage on their multiple news cast.

Furthermore, during the four days festivities of women's football games, animation, exhibition and workshops, the event will culminate at the Muna Foundation on Monday, 2 March for a round table conference on "Women, Sports and Development" that will bring together prominent women in the sports and the business industry in Cameroon.

This year's theme will be focused on "Women, Sports and Development" as a catalyst for emerging economies and achieving the SDGs. Additionally gender disparities in high level positions in business and sports will be discussed during the round table conferences and workshops.

All the teams and athletes will receive their certificates of participation and prizes from distinguished invitees attending the closing ceremony at the Muna Foundation.

We are truly grateful to have you, your company and organisation to be part of the most innovative experience changing women's lives in Cameroon. We will be more appreciative if you can join us in our annual sports, recreative and business festivities to take advantage of our cutting edge platforms to grow your market and attain your business objectives by contacting us today to secure your presence and partnership.

Please, feel free to reach us for any further inquiries:

Telephone: +237 672951243 /693282338

Visit the Camer Football website for more information.

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