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Communities and Crisis - Inclusive Development through Sport

Communities and Crisis - Inclusive Development through Sport

To augment ICSSPE´s seminars on Sport in Post-Disaster Intervention, this event will deliver an interdisciplinary training package for evolving and using sport programmes for development and inclusive community building. It will be relevant to both beginners and experienced workers in this field.


11/21/2011 00:00


Rheinsberg, Germany|26.11.2011

Designed for social workers, psychologists, students and sport professionals, the seminar will provide participants with the practical skills and theoretical knowledge required to deliver psycho-social sport and physical activity programmes in social problem and crisis areas.

International experts and practitioners in sociology, psychology, social work, occupational and physical therapy, as well as sport and physical education, will deliver a curriculum of hands-on practical workshops combined with theoretical sessions.

The main areas of interest during the seminar will be:

  • Didactical-methodical Training;
  • Psychology and Trauma Relief;
  • Inclusive Sport Programmes;
  • Sport and Culture;
  • Challenges in Crisis Areas.

Aligning with these topics, several didactical and experimental learning sessions will take place, such as:

  • Community Based Psycho-social Support;
  • Designing Inclusive Activities for Everyone;
  • From Individual Survivor to a Surviving Community;
  • Using the Potential of Sport - Adapting Sport Programmes to Different Cultures;
  • Project Funding and Entrepreneurship.

Time for interaction and networking between participants during the sessions, as well as at social events, will complement the programme.

The seminar will be held in the Hotel HausRheinsberg, in the town of Rheinsberg, north of Berlin.


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