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Disability sport: Why do we 'dis' people's abilities? conference


Disability sport: Why do we 'dis' people's abilities? conference

Event and call for abstracts: Abstracts are now being accepted for the third biennial Disability Sport Conference at Coventry University on the 27-29 June 2016.


06/27/2016 00:00


United Kingdom, Coventry|29.06.2016
Disability Sport: Why do we ‘Dis’ people’s abilities?

Following on from the success of the first two conferences held in 2012 and 2014, the Centre for Business in Society will be hosting an international, inter-disciplinary conference for academics and practitioners.
Disability Sport: Why do we ‘dis’ people’s abilities? will be held 27 - 29 June 2016 at Coventry University in the UK.

The conference will focus on the use of disability sport as a tool for peace, development and social inclusion. The conference aims to bring together practitioners and academics working in the field of disability and Paralympic sport from around the world and get them talking to each other and hopefully working together moving forward.

Conference themes
The conference itself will be based around four main themes:

  • Sport and health for people with disabilities
  • Paralympic legacies
  • Disability sport for peace and development
  • Disability sport and social inclusion


Possible areas for presentations include, but are not restricted to:

  • Inclusive sports programmes and policies (recreational/school/city/national)
  • Disability sport as a tool for peace and development in post-conflict zones
  • Sport as a tool for the rehabilitation of individuals disabled as a result of conflict
  • Disability sport and its impact upon non-disabled perceptions of disability
  • Disability sport and the higher education sports curriculum
  • The potential economic and social impact of the Rio 2016 Paralympic Games
  • Sport as a human right for people with disabilities
  • Disability, sport and identity
  • The impact of disability discrimination in the provision of sporting opportunities for people with disabilities
  • Technology and disability sport: where does man become machine?
  • Historical issues in disability sport and the Paralympic Games
  • The media and disability and Paralympic sport
  • The impact of sport on the health of people with disabilities
  • The elite non-disabled sporting model and disability sport: impacts, problems and possibilities
  • Marketing disability sport: problems and possibilities
  • International perspectives on disability sport
  • Disability sport and international diplomacy

There will also be opportunities for posters and suggestions for workshops.

Event location: The TechnoCentre, Coventry University Technology Park
Event Contact: Mandy Bisla |

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