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Discover Football 2016 Home Game

Discover Football 2016 Home Game

Make Football a home for everyone! This is a football tournament with female players from Iran, Afghanistan, Libya, Turkey, Sudan, Palestine, Kenya, France, Italy, Greece and refugees from Berlin.


Sun, 08/28/2016



This year's festival is the 5th international event of its kind being held in Berlin since 2010. Eight women’s teams from around the world – about 100 football players, coaches, referees and activists – will be invited to participate in this event in Berlin.

The programme will include workshops and training sessions as well as public friendly matches, exhibitions, panel discussions and forums, outdoor activities, concerts and films. Maintaining the idea of bringing together women from all over the world on the basis of football, in 2016 the event focuses explicitly on the current global situation of refugee movements:

  • Discussions and (theoretical as well as playful) approaches will be dealing with the questions of how to address these new challenges through football
  • How are our teams affected by players’ experiences of flight or migration?
  • How can football help to welcome new players from other countries?
  • How can we create a more inclusive football that fights for female refugees’ right


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