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Doha GOALS Forum 2015

Doha GOALS Forum 2015

Doha GOALS is a platform for world leaders to advance social initiatives through sports.


07/25/2015 00:00


Los Angeles, USA |27.07.2015

Rather than acting as a conference – where ideas are traded but rarely enacted – Doha GOALS is an initiative with the express intent of empowering stakeholders to create a roadmap for social improvement through sports, and launch cross-border initiatives.

The fourth edition of the Doha GOALS Forum will coincide with the Special Olympics World Games in Los Angeles. With 7,000 athletes and 3,000 coaches representing 177 countries, along with 30,000 volunteers and an anticipated 500,000 spectators, the Special Olympics World Games will be the largest sports and humanitarian event anywhere in the world this year.

There are four key themes in this year’s Doha GOALS Forum:

  1. Building a movement through sports
  2. The imperative for inclusion
  3. Sport's power to create bridges across divides in our societies
  4. Sport as a catalyst for transformation and change

Our participants – public and private sector, NGOs, athletes, and business leaders – will be able to use the Doha GOALS Forum as a platform to present ideas for reform in sports, as well as ideas of how sports can be used to wider effect on the policy agenda.


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