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Educasport World Forum


Educasport World Forum

The Agency for Education through Sport (APELS) organises the EDUCASPORT World Forum on 27-29 November 2013, in Paris, France.


11/27/2013 00:00


France, Paris|29.11.2013

The aim of this forum is to gather stakeholders who promote education through sport and a wide range of other social actors. More than 1500 actors from over 30 countries will have the opportunity to share and highlight their innovative activities.

The event will include: 

  • Major debates to offer a new vision of sport
  • Technical workshops to build new solutions together
  • Good practices presentations to discover social innovations through sport
  • A junior international researchers' Forum: inventing tomorrow's future
  • An awards ceremony to highlight the importance of proactive actors

Background information on APELS

L'Agence pour l'Education par le Sport (the Agency for Education through Sports) is a French independent, apolitical, socially responsible and committed organisation focused as for educational and social development.

Open the attached download for more information about the Forum


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