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Effective nutrition and anti-doping seminar and workshop


Effective nutrition and anti-doping seminar and workshop

Pro Sport Development will conduct its first ever effective nutrition and anti-doping seminar and workshop on 15 December in the Ganjam district. Khel Vikas is using this event to encourage quality health and fair play in competition.


12/15/2013 00:00


India, Brahmapur

The seminar and workshop, which will be presented by the Pro Sport Development team, will highlight two key areas that require attention in India’s sporting development, effective nutrition and anti-doping.

Individual Development
Young athletes will be given insight into the effective nutrition available to boost performance and aid recovery when competing in sports. Moreover, participating clubs and athletes will get an understanding of the individual needs for quality health and nutrition outside of sport.

Educating Rural Athletes
Raising awareness around anti-doping is another key development aspect of the seminar and workshop. Presented will be a list of do’s and don’ts relating to anti-doping when selecting supplements for training and competitions. The aim of the seminar is to deliver a message of clean competition and to build a sense of sporting spirit.

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