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Etnoliga 16

Etnoliga 16

Sport. Integration. Cross-cultural education.


Sun, 04/08/2018 to Sun, 06/24/2018



Etnoliga is organised by Fundacja dla Wolności – a nonprofit foundation established in 2004 and based in Warsaw, Poland. Our mission is to develop open society by supporting and stimulating vulnerable groups regardless to their origin, skin colour, gender or religion.

We focus on migrants and address most of our activities to them. We believe that the attitude towards foreigners is a measure of our humanity. We promote the diversity of cultures and worldviews. We try to integrate and improve the chances of all the groups at risk of exclusion.

The football tournaments take place Sundays from 8 April to 24 June at: outdoor pitch ul. Przy Bażantarni 3, Warszawa - Ursynów.

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