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Forum on Financial Integrity and Transparency in Sport 2015


Forum on Financial Integrity and Transparency in Sport 2015

The Financial Integrity and Transparency in Sport (FITS) Forum 2015 is taking place 3-4 September 2015 at WIPO Conference Centre, Geneva, Switzerland.


09/03/2015 00:00


Geneva, Switzerland

Through the unique lenses of some of the world’s sports leaders, senior representatives from international authorities and key stakeholders, the FITS forum will offer a privileged opportunity to discuss several fundamental questions and meet the mounting challenges facing the financial integrity and transparency in sport across a series of high-profile panels. Critical issues shall be under the spotlight, including:

  • How can sport maintain its global appeal and commercial success?
  • Good governance in football: Time for reform
  • Money-laundering and tax evasion: Risks and cures for a clean sport
  • Third party ownership: Prohibition or regulation?
  • Club ownership: Safeguarding sport from criminal infiltration
  • Financial supervision in sport: So far so good?
  • Is it worth investing in sport?
  • The autonomy of sport: A contemporary perspective from governments and EU institution

Access to the forum is at no charge, however delegates will need to cover their own accommodation and transport if required.


  • Visit the ISCC website and complete the application form linked here. Upon reception and evaluation of your application we will contact you to confirm your registration.

Should you face any issues with the registration or seek further information regarding accommodation, feel free to contact us at:


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