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Fundraising in Sport for Development Part One: The Global Networks

Fundraising in Sport for Development Part One: The Global Networks

A webinar organised by the Oaks Consultancy will focus on the findings from their fundraising in the sport for development sector report. 18 March 2021, 1:00 pm GMT


Thu, 03/18/2021

Join some of the leading voices in global sport for development to review the findings from our Fundraising in Sport for Development State of the Sector Report.

To kick off a three-part series, hear Vicky Lowe, Global Director of Development at Laureus Sport for Good, Paul Hunt, Senior Project Manager at The International Platform on Sport and Development, and Dr Vladimir Borkovic, Managing Director and COO at streetfootballworld, in conversation with host Luke Southall, Managing Director at Oaks Consultancy.

The panel will discuss the challenges fundraisers are facing in 2021 and look ahead to possible opportunities. Together, we will attempt to explore some of the reasons behind many of the stand-out findings from the Fundraising in Sport for Development report, and whether they will play out as expected in 2021:

  • 60% of respondents forecasted a reduction in income and 82.5% of these organisations expect further stagnation or reduction in 2021, will this come true? 
  • 25.7% of organisations were forecasting an increase in income, what are they doing differently?
  • Why did over half of organisations reduce their fundraising spend in a period where fundraising was more important than ever?

Later in the series we will here from front-line delivery organisations and funders too as we seek to gather the views from all sides of the sector.

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