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Gay Games 2014

Gay Games 2014

A week long multisport festival promoting human rights and inclusion.


08/09/2014 00:00


Cleveland and Akron, Ohio (USA) |16.08.2014

The Gay Games were conceived in 1980 by Dr. Tom Waddell as a "vehicle of change."

For over a quarter century, the Gay Games have built an international legacy of changing cultural, social and political attitudes towards LGBT people across the globe, while at the same time empowering tens of thousands with the transforming benefits of sports competition.

In 1981, gay athletes were a hidden and marginalized community within the greater marginalized and beleaguered LGBT community. Being gay and being an athlete was an either-or proposition: Be a jock or be a queer. All of that changed when the athletes marched into Kezar Stadium in 1982.

The ninth edition

The host cities of Cleveland and Akron expect to welcome more than 10,000 participants from more than 65 countries across over 30 different sports for the 2014 event.

The 2014 Gay Games is about fun, games and culture too. The founding principles of the Gay Games Federation are:

  • Participation
  • Inclusion
  • Personal Best

These principles mean the Games are open to everybody regardless of sexual orientation, gender, transgender status, religion, nationality, political convictions, age, physical condition or athletic ability.

Visit the Gay Games 2014 website for more information on how to register, volunteer, donate or simply sign up for the e-newsletter.


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