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Gender and Sports Conference

Gender and Sports Conference

The University of Copenhagen will host the conference entitled "Transnational Body and Movement Cultures from a gender perspective" from 13 to 15 November 2014. 


11/13/2014 00:00


Denmark, Copenhagen|15.11.2014

The term ‘transnational’ refers to “sustained ties of persons, networks and organisations across the borders, across multiple nation-states ranging from little to highly institutionalised forms” (Faist, 2000, 189). This is especially true of sport, which has by definition a transnational orientation and is embedded in transnational networks.

A key question which is posed in this context concerns the inequalities – with regard to gender, social background and ethnicity – that are related to transnational migrations and influences.

The organisers look forward to papers which explore the multiple aspects of transnationalism in sport and movement cultures. In addition, contributions are welcome which deal with the current state of gender research in different contexts and which take intersectionalities into account.

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