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Generation Games 2015


Generation Games 2015

The next edition of the Generation Games will take place in Lausanne, Switzerland, on 11-15 October 2015. The location will be the Olympic Park and the quai d’Ouchy, right in front of the Olympic Museum and Lake Geneva.


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Lausanne, Switzerland|15.10.2015

It will be one of the activities during the Olympic Week, which will have its 35th edition in 2015. In combination with the 30 sports for kids 8-15 years of age, the Generation Games offers five sports and some fun side-events for the multi-generation teams (for instance teams of kids, parents, grandparents). The Generation Games is part of the Olympic Week and at the same time, it will have specific visibility as promoting intergenerational sports activities. The participation by all generations is seen by the Olympic Museum as an interesting element in the week. Many volunteers, including students will be involved in the event.

The sports for the Generation Games (a scorecard per team) include basketball (baskets at three heights, dribbling before scoring), football (field with an inflatable goal: teams score as many points within three minutes), cycling (stationary cycling equipment), korfball (korfs at various heights, all generations need to pass at least once before scoring). There will also be a fun and interesting quiz, in combination with walking (along the lake, there is a 100 years IOC exhibit: the teams will answer many questions on Olympism, Olympic values, questions for the older and younger generations, etc).

The opening hours for the event, starting Sunday 11 October until Thursday 15 October: 10:00-17:00.

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